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In Leaving Everest, I thought it was important to include an overview map of the Mount Everest climbing route. Without a map, it’s just a bunch of context-less occurrences of “and then they went from Camp Two to Camp Three and then back down to Camp One.”

Having a map at the start of a romance novel is not standard, so it required extra effort and coordination with the production team to make sure it could happen. One of the main concerns was that the map would be simple enough to be readable in black and white on the most basic types of ereaders, without needing to zoom.

I was really lucky because my friend, Jessica Riehl, a consultant in design, participatory engagement, and visual thinking, loved the idea making a map to go along with my story and she stepped up to be the one to draw the mountain map herself. Thank you, Jessica!!!!

Here, I’ve include the color version of Jessica’s map for your viewing pleasure. Also, I should note that we did an expanded version of the map in the free, Leaving Everest bonus book that includes much more detail than Jessica was allowed to include in the artwork for the novel.

Click here to view or download the bonus book.

About Leaving Everest

Emily Winslowe has had an adventurous upbringing, climbing the world’s highest peaks with her father. But there’s something important her best friend, Luke, doesn’t know. It’s the reason she ended up in the Himalayas in the first place…and the reason she must summit Everest this year. It’s also the reason she can’t risk her heart to follow him back to Washington. But none of that matters if they can’t survive the mountain.

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