Leaving Everest is here!

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Today’s the big day for my second novel, Leaving Everest! It has been released and is live in the world for everyone to read!

Twenty-year-old Emily Winslowe has had an adventurous upbringing. Daughter of a Himalayan mountain guide, she has climbed Mount Everest and other peaks most Americans only dream of. But for all her mountaineering prowess, she’s lacking some key experiences. Namely, guys. Especially one guy in particular—Luke Norgay, her childhood best friend who she hasn’t seen since he left for college in the United States two years ago.

Luke unexpectedly reappears as a guide just in time for the Everest climbing season. He’s even more handsome than she remembers, and that something that had been building between them during their last season together is back in front of them, bigger than ever.

The problem is, there’s a detail about Emily’s past that Luke doesn’t know. It’s the reason she ended up in the Himalayas in the first place…and the reason she must make it to the summit of Mount Everest this year. It’s also the reason she would never consider following him back to Washington after the climbing season ends.

But first, they’ll have to survive the mountain.

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Release Week Giveaway

three teacups

The sweary teacups we’re giving away to celebrate our three releases this week!

My book shares an Entangled Embrace release date with two other new-adult authors, Christina Phillips and Magan Vernon, and we teamed up to create a super-unique joint giveaway. Magan, with her superior crafting skills, customized three three dainty teacups with Irish and British swear words. It’s a fitting gift because Magan’s release is set in Ireland, Christina’s is set in the UK, and the love interest in my book (Luke) has a British accent.

Columbia-brand winter hat, Ex Officio neck gaiter, a Prana travel journal, a mini travel flashlight, and some outdoorsy stickers. Follow this link to see pictures of the other prizes and enter the giveaway!

Leaving Everest swag pack

The three of us wanted there to be more prizes than just one so more people could win, so each of us made a swag pack related to our book and there are a total of four prizes to win. My swag pack is travel-adventure themed with a Columbia-brand winter hat, Ex Officio neck gaiter, a Prana travel journal, a mini travel flashlight, and some outdoorsy stickers.

Click here to go to the Rafflecopter entry form.


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