November 2017 Update

by Megan on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 2 Comments

The last time I wrote an update post was back in March. A few quick highlights of our spring, summer, and early fall:

  • WildThing2 turned two
  • Weekend trip to Palm Springs with out-of-state grandparents
  • Date with Husband where we watched a live Lucha Libre wrestling match in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Family vacation to the Oregon Coast
  • WildThing1 turned five and started kindergarten
  • Weekend beach trip to Mexico  (we only live ~15 miles from the border)
  • Lessons in Gravity‘s one-year birthday

New writing on the interwebs

Outdoor-Adventure Romance Author Shares Five Subtle Ways to Melt Your Date’s Heart

A fun article for LuvByrd (an outdoors-minded dating app) about how traditional romantic gestures often don’t always translate well for outdoorsy people.

Sports Romance: Hello Rock Climbing 

A blog post on bestselling author Delilah Devlin’s website in which I share my very biased opinion about which sport in the sports-romance genre is the sexiest.

In Support of New-Adult Fiction

An article for Women Writers, Women Books magazine about why fiction specifically written for 18 to 26 year-olds is so crucial.


One of my favorite aspects of this summer was that I finally started to get over my “thing” about not liking to read novels while actively writing or editing one of my own stories. Because of this, I was able to read a ton of books in recent months while also making progress on my own.

I also got over my other reading “thing” where I don’t like to read books more than once. I’ve recently re-read several of my all-time favorite books and they were just as good (some BETTER) the second time around! And, finally, I actually took the time to set up my library’s Overdrive audiobooks app on my phone this summer, which I love and use constantly now while doing chores. Bring on the dishes and dusting!

News about my next book

My next book (!!!) will be released on February 19, 2018. I just finished the final proofread and am really happy with how the story turned out and am so excited to share it with readers!

Like Lessons in Gravity, my next book is a new-adult love story that is centered in the world of outdoor adventure sports and set in a rugged, wild location. But this time, both the hero and the heroine are athletes and we’re going abroad to an even wilder setting than Lessons on Gravity’s Yosemite National Park.

I always share news about upcoming releases with my email list subscribers first, so be sure to sign up here because it shouldn’t be long before I have a cover to share, as well as other stuff, like the back cover book description.

Reader poll

Are you the type of person who reads multiple novels simultaneously or do you prefer to have just one going at a time?

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2 thoughts on “November 2017 Update”

  1. Merry says:

    I do both. Sometimes even 3 going at the same time.

  2. Kathy K says:

    Can’t wait to read your next novel. Frankly, it was the last novel I read months ago. Parenting books are at my bedside. I just read one novel at a time.

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