Five Years Old

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five year old girl wearing a moana costumeToday is my daughter’s fifth birthday. Her Moana birthday party will be Saturday, when we will break out multiple paddling pools, hang up tropical decorations in the backyard, gorge on birthday cupcakes, and, of course, put the Moana soundtrack on repeat. She opened her main birthday present last night, which was a Moana costume. Wearing it to preschool today was quite the thrill. Especially the Heart of Te Fiti necklace, which plays a chintzy rendition of “How Far I’ll Go.” (I’m sure her teachers were cursing me by the end of the day because of that damned necklace.)

Fifth birthdays remind me of the poem “Five Years Old” by Mary Louise Allen from a book that I’ve since I was a child. (Poems to Read to the Very Young, selected by Josette Frank, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.) The book was published in 1982 and is a compilation of children’s poetry from 1961 and 1968.

Please, everybody, look at me!
Today I’m five years old, you see!
And after this, I won’t be four,
Not ever, ever, any more!
I won’t be three–or two–or one,
For that was when I’d first begun.
Now I’ll be five awhile, and then
I’ll soon be something else again!

Cute, huh? And I love the illustration that goes with it and the other (also fantastic) birthday poem on the page.poem from 1980s poetry book for kids



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