Lessons in Gravity Is On Sale

by Megan on Thursday, July 27th, 2017 No Comments

This is a just a quick reminder about the current sale on the ebook version of Lessons in Gravity. You can get the book for $0.99 at Kobo Canada and $1.43 at Kobo Australia.

novel on an tablet with a cup of tea and a quote from the bookBecause of this sale, Lessons in Gravity rose into the ranks of being top 25 in sports romances, top 25 in new-adult romances, and under #200 for contemporary romance. As a debut author, those were some thrilling numbers to see, even if they are only for narrow segments of one online bookstore. (To compare, in the US, where the book is not on sale, Lessons in Gravity is more like #2800 in the niche romance categories and #45000 in contemporary romance.)

So…with this being the final day of the sale, if you’re a Canadian or Australian reader, go grab it before the price goes up!

Book Description

All eyes are on Josh Knox…

Fearless. Guarded. Cut-to-perfection. Daredevil rock climber. The best in the world.

This time he’s poised to scale Yosemite’s notoriously treacherous Sorcerer Spire, with Walkabout Media & Productions filming every move.

April Stephens’s dream to be a documentary filmmaker rests on her acing her internship with Walkabout, and that means getting the abrasive Josh to give her more than one-word answers in his interviews.

The problem is, with every step forward professionally, she and Josh are also taking a step forward personally, and after watching her stunt pilot father die in a fiery crash, a guy who risks his life for a living is the last person she should be falling for. Especially because in one month her internship will have them dangling three thousand feet in the air from the side of the Sorcerer. She’ll be filming. He’ll be climbing without a rope.


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