March 2017 Update

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Skiing at Mission Ridge

Even though I have a disclaimer on my website that my blog posts are rare, now that my blog is linked to my author pages on Amazon and Goodreads, and it’s been two full months since I last posted, I’m feeling the silent pressure to get something new up! So how about a nice, old fashioned update?

Since my new year’s resolution post on January 1st, I’ve been hard at work meeting my deadline for a yet-to-be-titled new-adult novel that has some crossover with Lessons in Gravity. Hard at work as in this becoming the daily evening routine: put the kids to bed, drive to Starbucks for their largest size Frappucino to-go, and then work until the wee hours of the morning, usually while consuming an entire box of Girl Scout cookies.

Then, in early February, we left for a ski trip to the Northeast Cascades in Washington State. Traveling with a 4-year-old and 21-month-old is always an adventure, but once we got through the actual flight and all the car seat hauling and shuffling, it was smooth sailing. (Especially since we had help from our parents once there, hence the ability to actually go ski.) The trip lined up with a nice series of snowstorms and we got lots days of great ski conditions and powder. Our warm weather San Diegan WildThings had very different reactions to the snow and cold: Preschooler was nothing short of a fanatic while Toddler stood around teary eyed and forlorn.

Now it’s back to more editing, busyness, and the micro-dramas (both comedy and tragedy) of daily life with young kids.


Two weeks ago, I did my very first bookstore talk and signing. It was at Bay Books in Coronado alongside author Amanda Matti, a fellow Navy Iraq war veteran. I have a few more events coming up this spring, staring with a book signing at Warwicks in La Jolla next Sunday.

RAINN Fundraiser

I’ve donated a manuscript critique to my PitchWars writing friend Kelly Johnson’s annual Writers for Hope fundraiser auction for Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). The full list of prizes up for bid will be announced Monday, March 6 and the auction goes live on April 3.

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A Question for You / Random Discussion

I always write with headphones and music on, but it occurred to me as I set up this way earlier in the week, that it probably wasn’t normal to use headphones while in a place all alone (such as me, in my home office with Husband off at work and the kids at preschool). I posted a Twitter survey about this and was shocked to find that most people don’t listen to music at all while writing.

Now I’m even more curious about other peoples’ habits with music when needing to be productive on a computer (writing or otherwise). What do you do? What kinds work best? A noise machine? Speakers or headphones?

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