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Part of what made writing Lessons in Gravity so much fun was using all the rock climbing words and describing some of the unique gear.  This visual dictionary is meant to be a work in progress; I’ll be adding to this as I dig up relevant photos from my archives and pull gear out of boxes in our garage.



From the book: The rock-climbing shoes were pinching like lobster claws, and she couldn’t wait to get them off.

Megan’s note: Both pairs of shoes in the picture are mine; notice how much smaller the climbing shoes are. Take a wild guess which ones are more comfortable. While trying on rock shoes, my husband once told me, “If they don’t hurt, they’re too big.” Yikes.




From the book: “It’s a cam,” Josh said, nodding toward the gear in her hand. “A Camalot. Or camming device, if you want to get technical.”

Megan’s note: This particular cam was a birthday present for Mr. Westfield the first year we started dating.





From the book: Beside her on the pile of rocks where she was sitting, there was a heap of rock-climbing gear. She picked up one of the gadgets, which was surprisingly light considering it was made of metal. Each of the six half-circle discs had teeth on the spine, like bike gears, and they were offset from the center so that when she pulled on the wire tail attached to them, they compressed to a fraction of the width.

Megan’s note: No rock at my house for demonstration purposes. This is a rain gutter.





Backpacking Stove

Backpacking Stove

From the book: [April] brushed herself off and joined [Madigan] at the table, where he was screwing a collapsible burner onto a can of propane.

“We have a pretty relaxed schedule today,” he said. “Once Theo gets up, we’ll go over to the cafeteria and grab something to eat.” He lit the stove and balanced a pot of water on the burner. “After that, we can do some location scouting.”





Climber's Trail

Climber’s Trail

From the book: [Madigan] tore the map out of his notebook and handed it to her. His handwritten directions were neat and the drawing precise. The little notes with arrows, though, made her arm hairs tickle apprehensively.  Sheer cliff  |  Unstable edge, stay back  |
Look for the cairn, go left of the holly bush

Megan’s note: This is actually a climbing route map from a published book, but is much like what Madigan’s climber’s approach trail map would have looked like to April.

This being a work-in-progress, put your Lessons in Gravity climbing-vocabulary photo requests in the comments below and I’ll do my best to post those ones first.

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