Photo Friday: The Ill-Fated Dracaena

by Megan on Friday, May 27th, 2016 No Comments

Toddler did this

Toddler did this

I’ve been slowly chipping away on a mega-project to sort/organize/backup the 13,000 photos I’ve taken since my daughter was born almost four years ago.  I came across this photo today from she was just starting to walk.  The plant was outside the babyproofed area of our house, but I let her toddle around in it for just a second while I grabbed something from my desk and … crash!

My son, Baby Bingo, is at this exact age now, toddling (lurching) around the house like a zombie-penguin. We no longer have houseplants on floor stands, even in the unbabyproofed areas, but the way these things go, he’s bound to have his own learning-to-walk epic and I dread it already.  (As a sidenote, my daughter was not hurt in the process of causing this disaster, and the Dracaena plant lives still today, though in a different planter.)


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