The Perfect Pancake Recipe

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I’ve never considered myself to be in a decade-long quest for the perfect pancake recipe, but after this weekend, when I found the perfect pancake recipe, I realized this was exactly the case.

The powdered buttermilk takes the (pan)cake!

The powdered buttermilk takes the (pan)cake!

The signs of searching were there all along. I’ve tried the classic recipe in Joy of Cooking. I’ve tried the scientifically tested America’s Test Kitchen recipes. I’ve tried all three variations on the back of the Bisquick box: Classic, The Ultimate, and Melt-In-Your-Mouth. (Bisquick was the pancake mix of choice from my childhood.) After lots of testing, my husband and I settled on a favorite mix brand (Trader Joe’s) but disagreed about which version was best: buttermilk or multigrain.

I’ve tried complicated, high-brow recipes from magazines, like ricotta raspberry pancakes. I’ve tried dry-ingredient variations like buckwheat and cornmeal pancakes and we experiment with adding extras like banana chunks.

But none of the recipes have ever been it. Too cakey. Too soggy. Not delicious. Too expensive. Too many exotic ingredients. Took too long. Dirtied too many dishes.

The recipe I found this weekend passed all those tests. It is the recipe on the back of Saco-brand powdered buttermilk. Ironically, I’ve used powdered buttermilk to make other pancake recipes, but had never tried the recipe that was right there on the back of the container.

Here is the link directly to the recipe on Saco’s website. I added an extra tablespoon of flour to get the consistency right and I dirtied one less dish by whisking the egg, water, and oil in the measuring glass I used for the water. For those unfamiliar with using powdered buttermilk, it stores in the fridge for a very long time and really opens up your “have on hand” baking options. And it gets you out of weekend morning baking pinches, like when you’ve promised a fancy breakfast to the in-laws, only to wake up and realize you’re out of milk.

Also, I should mention, the other key component in this pancake recipe’s success is our electric griddle. I bought a cheap one Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.11.18 PMseveral years ago under my husband’s skeptical eye (another kitchen gadget you’ll never use?). Instead of the pancake chef being chained to the stove for an extended period of time while everyone else eats (or having to hold the pancakes in a warmed open), the pancakes are finished and served in five minutes, 10 for a double batch. We use our griddle about once a week for everything from pancakes and French toast to fish tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Has anyone tried the Saco recipe before? What about your thoughts on electric griddles: are they fantastic, or just “another kitchen gadget you never use?”

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