Resolution 2016: Line-a-Day Journal

by Megan on Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 No Comments

Line-a-day journal, 2016-2020 edition.

Line-a-day journal, 2016-2020 edition. How’s that for an intimidating blank page?

Except for the year, my resolution for this year is identical to last year’s.  The darn line-a-day journal turned out to be too much for me, even though it was my only resolution, and only required about two minutes per day to accomplish.  Though most of the months are blank for 2015, I did manage to pull it together in November and December with a simple trick:  every time I make my bed, I also write my line for the previous day.  My bed-making habit is a resolution from previous years that has actually stuck with me, and my eleventh hour line-a-day journal success gave me the confidence to buy a new one, as I am at the end of the five years of blanks in my current book.  Besides documenting what happens over the course of a day, I really value having a place to jot down notes about Baby Bingo’s development and the funny things Toddler says since I don’t keep a baby book for either of them.

So, here it goes, my 2016 resolution:  write something not only for every day in 2016, but also in the rest of the book, which will take me through 2020.  Whew!  I’ll let you know how I do!

PS- This book is a Chronicle product, a favorite publisher of mine  (It’s currently on sale for $10 on Amazon, by the way.)  They have several variations for mothers, gardeners, cooks, etc.

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