Resolution 2015: Line-a-Day Journal

by Megan on Thursday, January 1st, 2015 1 Comment

I didn’t get around to making a list of resolutions this year, but the one thing I am determined to do is to write in my line-a-day journal EVERY SINGLE DAY this year.

2015 starts the fifth and final year of the journal, which I bought on January 1st, 2011, in the Seattle Airport.  Each year begins the same: entries every day that capture such gems as a co-worker’s dramatic quitting or peculiar sights observed while jogging.  But then, the entries peter out. Quite quickly, actually.  Usually by March, the year’s entries have dwindled into nothing.line a day

The problem is, I only remember these gems that are hidden in the doldrums of everyday life BECAUSE I wrote them in the journal.  For all the other days–the majority of days in the last five years–I remember nothing and this makes me sad.  Because of that, I’ve made my one and only resolution of 2015.

Although I might not do the actual writing daily, I know from four years of failed attempts, that the key to consistency  is to not let more than three or four days go by without catching up.  After that point, the gems of the day are already starting to fade and the two minutes it takes to write each entry has compounded prohibitivey.


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