Voting by Mail

by Megan on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 No Comments

This year's cache of voters' guides and campaign propaganda

This year’s cache of voters’ guides and campaign propaganda

I voted in today’s election five days ago by mail.  I started voting by mail back when I was in the Navy, an Oregon  resident living anywhere but there. Even though the polling station is only a few miles away from my house now, I still prefer to vote by mail. For the months leading up to the election, I stash way the all the campaign flyers and voters’ pamphlets we get in the mail, not pulling them out until we’re ready to vote. Then, my husband and I go through our ballots together, kind of like a group project, referencing all the propaganda to put faces with names, and discussing the various angles on issues and candidates that I read in the newspaper or he heard on the radio.  It’s a fun tradition and I love the freedom of voting by mail, which guarantees that I’ll be able to vote even if we’re out of town or my toddler ends up staying home sick on election day.



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