Our Completely Unglamorous Weekend in Las Vegas

by Megan on Monday, July 28th, 2014 No Comments

Red Rocks, we'll have to hang out some other time. Like when it's not July and 107 degrees.

Red Rocks, we’ll have to hang out some other time. Like when it’s not 107 degrees.

My husband and I have been to Las Vegas many times, but our lure to the area has never involved The Strip, rather, climbing at Red Rocks. Our trip to Vegas over the Fourth of July weekend was no exception, only it was too hot to climb, so we had to figure out what else to do with oursleves.

The natural thing to do in Hot Vegas is to hang out at a chic poolside lounge, right? Well, the pool at the casino near my brother’s house was full (and we were too cheap to pay the cover anyway), so we spent our afternoon at the YMCA, on plastic lounge chairs, surrounded by cannonballing pre-teens.

My husband and I managed to sneak in a date night on The Strip on Saturday, but even that was unglamorous, as we spent much of it at Fashion Show Mall, searching for a pair of shoes for our toddler who had outgrown her size overnight. Then, being out of time before the magic show we had tickets to see, we ended up eating dinner in a chain restaurant, inside the mall.

Free entertainment for toddlers in Vegas

Free entertainment for toddlers in Vegas

While there are lots of attractions for kids in Vegas, our toddler is only 23 months old and her attention span is way too short to justify them, so the highlight of her trip to Vegas was the splash pad in the neighborhood park. Also, the at-home fireworks we bought for her were not the hit we had expected. After watching just one ground blooming flower, she was clinging to me in terror, saying, “All done!  All done!”

Our Vegas weekend didn’t include dressing to the nines, wild clubs, five-star restaurants, gambling, or even getting drunk.  But you know what? We had a lot of fun, just the same.


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