Taco Time Composts!

by Megan on Friday, May 30th, 2014 No Comments

TacoTime recycling and compost binsWhile I was home in Washington state earlier this month, I was so pleased to discover that my favorite Pacific Northwest fast food chain, Taco Time*, is now composting or recycling everything in their restaurant. Utensils, food waste, cups, bags, wrappers.  Wow.

I think the only four items in the whole place that are not compostable are milk bottle caps, breathmint wrappers, squeeze applesauce packaging, and juice boxes.  This is such a big commitment of resources for Taco Time and while I am not generally proud when I eat a meal in a fast food restaurant, I was proud to eat there.

There wasn’t any info about this amazing program on the corporate website, so I don’t know if it is just the location I visited (the one by the SEATAC airport), or franchise-wide. Composting is nothing new in higher-end, eco-minded restaurants and especially in a progressive city like Seattle, but I love that a chain fast food restaurant has joined the game and I hope lots of others do the same.

*If you’re not from the PNW, Taco Time is home to MexiFries (ie. seasoned tater tots). We’re not talking gourmet or authentic here, but they sure are delicious!


Ever eaten at Taco Time? Ever been to a fast food restaurant, other than Taco Time, that composts?

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