New Adult: Let me explain

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Both of my finished novels feature women in their early twenties.   Both are contemporary and both contain love stories where the ending is happily-ever-after-for-now instead of happily-ever-after-with-nuptials. The problem is, after the demise of ChickLit, there wasn’t a home for commercial fiction about 20-somethings who still had some growing up to do.

Lucky for me, a new fiction category developed and took fire in the two years it took me to write and edit my second novel between working full time and a having a newborn.

Enter New Adult. NA.  A category for 18-26 year-olds. A category for the new generation of avid readers graduating from childhoods of Twilight, Divergent, Dessen, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Traveling Pants, Princess Mia, and Angus Snogging. New Adult is about a second coming of age. The real coming of age where you don’t go home to your parents’ house afterward like in Young Adult.

The years between the start of college and my “quarter life crisis” at age twenty-five were pivotal for me, which is why I love writing about characters this age. I’m tempted to write an ode to New Adult so long that it will make your scroll finger go numb, but so many others have done it so well already, so I’ll leave you with links instead.



New Adult?  You mean the “new fiction” section?  No.  Click to edit and send in Twitter.

So I don’t have transform my 22-year-old heroine into a 17-year-old after all? #thankful #NewAdult #writing  Click to edit and send in Twitter.


Have you read any NA? Thoughts? What would you like to see in future NA books?

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