Whoa? Over already?

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Hi. You’ve reached the end. Or, the end that’s the beginning since this is a blog. That’s because this blog is brand-new. Fresh minted in April 2014.

Way back in 2009, I had a different blog. I wrote about anything and everything. I lived at high altitude at the time and was really into fancy baking, so there were a lot of cakes-gone-wrong stories and the devastating pictures that I don’t think I would post publically if I had it to do again.

blog header

The blog header from my old blog. Yes, it was DIY.

I removed the blog in 2011 because I was spending too much time blogging, not enough time working on my books. So now I’m back at it, and WOW, how the world of blogging has changed. For the better. The way better. There so many amazing plug ins and designs and ideas. Now I return to the old struggle of neglecting my stories to tinker around behind the scenes of my content management system.

No. I will not do it.

This blog will be different. It’s not a BLOG-blog. It’s more like a string of expanded Facebook statuses with a focus on writing, reading, and pictures of California’s beautiful central coast, where I recently moved. I don’t expect to post more than two or three times a month and I’m okay with that. I hope you are too. 🙂

Five book covers

Another DIY graphic from my old blog of some books I reviewed. I used my rudimentary Photoshop skills and I think I did okay, minus the three hours I probably wasted making it.


@MeganJust finally got around to making a writer website and blog. Check it out and share it around, pretty please. Click to edit and send in Twitter. 

It’s the maiden blog post on @meganjust’s new website! Click to edit and send in Twitter.


It’s solicited advice time…anything tricks of the trade to share about WordPress blogging in 2014?

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